1. Population- 42 million (2012 est.) with population growth rate of 2.67 percent
  2. GDP- at current US$ (2013)US$ 33.62 billion
  3. Political System- Unitary State with Multiparty Democracy
  4. Area- 582,646 km2
  5. Languages-Swahili and English are official languages
  6. Climate- Kenya lies on both sides of the equator and enjoys a varied climate ranging from tropical to temperate
  7. Regional Hub- Strategic geographic location with good infrastructure
  8. Exchange rate- KES 86.54 : US$ 1 (April 2014)
  9. GDP per capita-US$ 808


Why Invest in Kenya?

  1. Kenya is the economic, commercial and logistical hub in East African region (largest & most advanced economy).
  2. Large pool of educated, skilled, enterprising & English speaking labor force.
  3. Well established and mature private sector.
  4. Fully liberalized economy (no exchange controls hence guarantee on repatriation of capital, profits and interests, residents and non-residents can open foreign currency accounts with domestic banks).
  5.  Leading tourism, wildlife and safari destination.
  6. Membership to regional trading blocs of COMESA & EAC,- market of 150m people (commitment & support to regional integration).
  7. Potential for exploration and exploitation of mineral resources (Major discovery of oil in Turkana & natural gas on coastal areas. 
  8. Attractive and Comprehensive package of Incentives (duty exemption and VAT waiver for capital goods e.g. machinery and equipment, 10 year tax holiday, exempt from withholding tax and stamp duty, investment allowance - 100% in Cities & 150% outside towns).
  9. Relatively well developed infrastructure.
  10. Favourable weather.
  11. Well-developed Financial Sector.



Kenya is naturally endowed with:

  1. Attractive Tourist Sites
  2. Rich Culture
  3. Striking geographical diversity and landscapes (Sandy Coastal Beaches, Animal Parks as well as Archeological Sites)
  4. Pleasant Climate
  5. Sportsmen & Women 
  6. Abundant wildlife including the ‘big five’ in their natural habitats

Enormous investment opportunities exist in:

  1. Accommodation (Resort Cities, High end international hotels & lodges in parks)
  2. Sports Tourism (Sports facilities & Stadia)
  3. Recreation & Entertainment facilities(Health Spas projects, amusement parks)
  4. Film Production
  5. Cruise Ship Tourism.


NB: As from January 2014, 3(Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda) of the 5 member states of EAC launched a single tourist visa to boost regional travel and create opportunities for tourists to explore the diversity of East Africa!

The holder of the East Africa Tourist Visa shall enter from the country that issued the visa & move within the two other countries without applying for another visa or paying for another visa fee.



Massive opportunities exist in:

  1. Production infrastructure (Development of multipurpose dams & irrigation Schemes).
  2. Market infrastructure (post-harvest management facilities, cold storage facilities as well as Warehousing Receipting)
  3. Value Addition (Tea, Coffee, Fruits, etc)



Kenya is a prime supplier of basic goods in East & Central African markets and numerous opportunities exist in:

  1. Agro-processing (processing fresh foods, fruits & vegetables).
  2. Hides, Skins & Leather (Leather processing, footwear & leather products).
  3. Horticulture ( Facilities for freezing fruits & vegetables).
  4. Textile & Clothing (garments manufacture for exports to US under African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) facility).
  5. Fertilizer & Pesticides Manufacturing.
  6. Cement Production.
  7. Tire manufacturing.



Electric Power supply in Kenya falls far below the demand & golden opportunities exist in:

  1. Geothermal Development.
  2. Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Bio-Fuel).
  3. Coal, Oil and natural gas exploration.
  4. Transformer Manufacturing.



Opportunities exist in:

  1. Mineral exploitation(Soda Ash, Limestone, Fluorspar, Gemstones, Titanium, etc).
  2. Value addition through joint ventures.


Transport & Infrastructure

Opportunities in this sector exist in:

  1. Development of Nairobi Metropolitan mass transit system(Bus Rapid System & light rail system).
  2. Construction of standard gauge rail way (Nairobi-Malaba).
  3. Concession of Roads.
  4. Massive opportunities found in the newly created Counties.


LAPSSET Transport Corridor

LAPSSET Corridor Project is a ‘Kenya Vision 2030’ flagship project aimed at Building Africas transformative infrastructure to Deliver a just and prosperous Kenya.The LAPSSET Corridor Project covers over half of the country with a planned investment resource equivalent to half of Kenya’s GDP for the core investment alone. Feasibility statistics shows that the project will inject between 2% to 3% of GDP into the economy.


Information & Communication Technology

Opportunities exist in the following areas under Public Private Partnership arrangement:

  1. Construction of ICT parks
  2. Software & Hardware Development
  3. Business Process Outsourcing services
  4. Call centres for both in bound and outbound calls